Tempting the Diwali Shopper

Tempting the Diwali Shopper

Client: Cadbury India 

Background: Indian festivals are social occasions when families take time off to visit their friends and relations to exchange gifts. Diwali is India’s largest festival. It is also the time for homecoming for several people who live in the metros for work.  The week preceding Diwali witnesses maximum shopping for gifts. Historically, traditional sweets and dry fruits are the two most popular gifting options.

Client’s Brief: Grab a slice of the Diwali gifting market by presenting Cadbury Celebration Gift Packs – a range of chocolates infused with dry fruits – as an alternate gifting option to shoppers in modern retail format stores.  We were also asked to work on large display unit in the shape of a gift box with ribbons & other decorations associated with gifts.

Solution Offered by SAB Creations: Working on the insight that while shopping for gifts may be a planned decision, shopping for chocolates is often an impulse decision, we fabricated a large display unit in the shape of a gift box with ribbons and other decorations associated with gifts. The shape was created to cue gifting and attract the attention of the shopper whose shopping mission is to purchase a gift for his friends or family.  Dry fruits like cashew nuts and raisins were highlighted on the display unit to attract shoppers on the lookout for dry fruit packs as gifts.

The unit was fabricated using multi material viz., Wood, Laminate, Acrylic, Digital Print, LED lights etc. It was lit from within so that the rich packing of the chocolate gift packs could be highlighted. Also, sufficient space was created to display the entire range by utilizing all 4 sides of the display unit. The display unit was executed in 15 stores across India and was on display for a period of 45 days.

Result:  Off-take of the Cadbury Celebrations gift packs grew by an average of 50 % over previous year’s off-take for the same stores.

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